No need for special technical knowledge or equipment

The Borgesius Bake-it concept has been developed for manufacturers who want their range of bread products to distinguish themselves by their quality, flexibility and variety. There are two innovative methods:

Bake it easy

Allows you to acquire fresh floor bread (baked on a tray, not in a tin) from an oven with steam function within 50 minutes.

The Bake-it easy® dough pieces are delivered deep frozen. They are 30% proved but not yet baked. The dough should be defrosted for about 15 minutes 1, after which it can be carved and decorated 2. The dough can be placed directly on the oven tray 3. The dough will rise further in the oven!

‘There is no need for special technical knowledge or equipment, a good oven with a steam function will do.’

Bake it classic

Offers the possibility to interrupt the rising process to adapt to the changing demand in the shop. This process is suitable for both tin bread and loaf.

The Bake-it classic® dough pieces are delivered frozen and partly proved. The frozen dough will be placed straight from the freezer into the tin or on the baking tray (with groove to make stonebaked bread) 1. Now the bread can be decorated and carved 2.
The oven trolley with filled baking tins will be put into the recovery box 3. The bread fully proves at low temperature, so that at the end of the program the proofed dough pieces can be easily cooled. When the proofing process is completed, the cabinet will be switched to the ‘save mode’. The dough is now cooled to +5 °c 4.

‘The big advantage is that the bread can be baked at any time.’ 5

Both processes are ideal for companies that want to outsource bread making and improve quality and availability. The Bake-it dough pieces are proved unbaked and delivered deep frozen in boxes.

"Everyone should be able to enjoy fresh bread. Freshness ensures the best experience of taste and quality. Therefore, freshness is one of the most important ingredients of bread."

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Borgesius Bakery is a family business that goes back to 1895. Ever since its foundation, quality, innovation and a passion for bread combine to allow Borgesius to always surprise its customers. Borgesius works exclusively with high quality materials and believes in progress through innovation.

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